Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Htc Evo 4g android 2.3.3 and sense 2.0

Hey guys this rom is called the gingersense rom it is made by virus he is a great rom maker. I have a youtube video up about this rom they will be at the bottom of the post. The only thing is these videos are not of the updated rom i will be making a youtube video about the updated rom very soon i will post that when I make it. This rom is very fast it is a sense rom you need to be rooted to flash a rom if you want to know how to root i have a video here is the link How to root Htc Evo 4g if you are interested. This rom is built of the leaked gingerbread for the Evo. The only thing that this rom does not have is 4g so for some of you that is a big loss. This rom has the new sense 3.0 lock screen and also has the new sense 3.0 weather. The rom also has a couple of the new sense widgets. This rom is 100% sense I personally love sense so this rom is perfect for me and if you love them you will love this rom also. This rom has the new gingerbread leak kernel so it is very fast also has the 8mp camera working. For those that dont know the differences between sense 2.0 and sense 1.0 is that sense 2.0 has different skins so you can change the whole layout of your phone also it has the most recent apps you have run in the pulldown menu that is very helpful. Also this rom has a quick settings tab in the notification bar that allows you control the brightness and the wifi and a lot of other settings so it is made easier. In sense 2.0 you have access to the Htc hub which is Htc way of letting you control your phone. You make an account and you can sign in from the computer and from the computer you can remote wipe your phone just encase you lost it you can also send a text to your phone that will make it ring no matter the volume that it is on and you can track where your phone. The site on the computer is htcsense.com you can check it out. Sense 2.0 is faster and easier to use than sense 1.0 also this rom comes with some sense 3.0 goodies so that is awesome. If you are interested in the rom there is a download link is. Rom download link The updated rom has a lot of nice animations that look really nice and make your phone look awesome so you can go and brag to all your friends.

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