Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to use your EVO as a Desktop PC like the Atrix 4g

Hey guys I made a post earlier on how to control your PC from your Evo. Well this one is on how to use your pc as a sort of dock for your Evo like the Atrix 4g. Im sure you guys of heard how you can dock the Atrix 4g phone into the special laptop and you can control the phone phone well this is the same exact thing as that except  you do not need a special laptop you can use the one you already have. This is great now the Evo is on the level of the atrix 4g and it is even better. Post to Set this up on your Evo Here is the link to set it up on your phone this works with cm7. There are all the steps in the link in the description. Lokifish Marz is the person over at xda devs who made this tweak he is a genus he should be working for Htc. He even made special keys on the keyboard of your computer for shortcut menus to doing stuff on your Evo. You can send text messages from your computer and do every thing that you can do on your phone on your computer make calls surf the web everything. He also made this pretty simple and there are step by step on the site that I put the link to above this. This is putting the Evo on another level. I have youtube video of this in action so here check below.

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