Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to get Quadruple battery life out of your Evo with an app

Hey guys this is really simple you do not need to be rooted. All you have to do is go to the market and download an app called "juice defender" there is a paid one that is called ultimate juice it is 5$ I bought it, it is well worth it. What this app does it will turn off all of your internet signal when you lock your phone so it will save so much battery because over 50% of the time the biggest battery waster is cell standby. Cell standby is your network signal. This app also will give you your notifications because it will turn your internet on every couple of hours and check if you have any notification IE.(Email, Facebook,others). The great thing about this app is that every time you unlock your phone your 3g signal will come back. When your phone is locked and there is no 3g signal you will get text messages and calls just like normal. The ultimate juice gives you more Customization like you can set peak hours when you want to keep your 3g signal on all the time. You can also set nights so it will turn your signal of that time but if you are using your phone it wont turn off on you it will wait till you lock your phone but even if you unlock your phone durning night hours it will turn on so there is no point of that feature. Also with ultimate you can have icons of the app in your notification bar not just text. The free juice defender works just fine so if you are looking to quadruple your battery life then get this app. I have a youtube video of me reviewing this app below.

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